Art - Documenting Disability Histories


This large quilt (88 x 64″) shows the faces of 14 children of various skin tones. The year of their birth and death (all died in 2015) is written below their pictures. The quilt alternates rows of text and pictures. Row 1: In large lettering states: America’s Class of 2015, Below in smaller lettering: Disabled children murdered by their parents in 2015. Row 2 has 4 photos. Row 3 has one photo and the text: “There is no “mercy” in killing. No explanation that justifies taking a child’s life. It is simply murder. To say otherwise dishonors all the disabled children murdered by the people they love.” Row 4 has 4 photos. Row 5 has one photo and the text: “We must be concerned not merely about who murdered them but about the system, the way of life, the philosophy which produced the murderers.” Martin Luther King, Jr., Eulogy for the Murdered Children (1963). Row 6 has 4 photos.

The America’s Class of 2015 quilt and sculpture explore how easily disabled children’s lives are erased when they are murdered by their families. The quilt echoes the classroom photo albums from the annual U.S. practice of “School Photo Day.” 


The Agnews Insane Asylum art pieces, Lost Lives and Hidden Graves,  bring forward two stories: the 107 inmates who died in the 1907 earthquake – and – the decades-long practice of burying inmates in unmarked graves. 


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A quilt made by Corbett for lawyer and disability activist Robin Stephens. The quilt is made from t-shirts depicting disability events and quotes, including Free Our People (ADAPT), Don’t Target People with Disabilities, Support Disability Rights, ADAPT – American Disabled for Accessible Public Transportation, Build Ramps not Missiles for an Accessible Future, Proud and Disabled, Can’t Even March Straight, Disabled Queers, Adapt or Perish, Not Dead Yet, DAM – Proud Angry and Strong, He Saw Power, Support the Needs of People with Disabilities, and Disabled Women Change the World.

A quilt made by Corbett for  Robin Stephens. This quilt is made from t-shirts depicting LGBTI+ and women’s issues, including: Dyke March, Women Come West, Good Bush / Bad Bush, World March of Women 2000, PrideFest ’92 Celebration & Parade – Pride Power, North East Women’s Musical Retreat 1988, March on Washington – Colorado will be There 1993, and Together in Pride.