Turning Points - Talks

Drawing of a hand with an eye in the palm.

Art by Leah Kelley drawn during a talk by Corbett showing a large hand with an eye on the back of the hand and an hourglass on the wrist. In the background is part of a building and a table with 2 mugs.

Text randomly placed in the drawing:

  • Exploring the History of Disabilities Studies. 
  • CIL Berkeley, politically active student body…ANTIOCH. 
  • The disability community family story…welcome to the Kitchen Table: Corbett Joan O’Toole. 
  • We are going there together. 1977 504 Sit-in. Validation has power. A space to contextualize…April 1977…intentional accessibility. 
  • I have an appointment with occupying my AGENCY.

Selected talks that changed conversations

  • Seeing Frida Kahlo Through Disabled Peoples Perspectives, DeYoung Museum, San Francisco
  • Cripping the Library: Exploring the Intersections of Access, Privilege and Text through Disability, Sexuality and Race. Doe Library. University of California, Berkeley
  • Cripping the Quilt: Explorations of Disability and Art. San Francisco Art Institute
  • Intersections of Disability, Race and Class in late 20th Century History. University of Arizona.
  • Creating Accessibility to Text. Longmore Institute, San Francisco
  • Disability History. Yale University
  • Cripping Sexuality. Yale University
  • Is Heaven Only for Nondisabled People? Unitarian Society of Hartford, CT
  • Free to Pee: Makeathon. San Francisco
  • Queer Disability Challenges to Sociology. American Sociological Association, San Francisco
  • We Were There: Stories of Disability History. Invited Lecture. University of Illinois, Chicago
  • Disclosing our Relationships to Disability and Reflexivity in Research: A Conversation. Disability Disclosure in/and Higher Education, University of Delaware
  • Reproductive and health issues for women with disabilities. Keynote speech. Sexuality and disability conference. Honolulu.
  • Building Bridges Between Disabled and Nondisabled Women. Fifth International Interdisciplinary Congress on Women, San José, Costa Rica.
  • Disability, Eugenics and Reproductive Rights, Abortion and Reproductive Rights Conference, Hampshire College, Amherst, Massachusetts
  • Disabled Women: Isms and Phobias. National Conference on Women and the Law, Oakland, CA.
  • Disabled Women and Title VII. National Conference on Women and the Law, Oakland, CA.
  • Barriers Facing Disabled Girls and their Mothers in Health Care, Legislative Briefing on Disabled Girls and Young Women in Health Care, Sacramento, CA
  • Perspectives of the Disabled Mother of a Disabled Daughter: Implications for Education, Congressional Briefing on Disabled Girls and Young Women in Education, Washington, D.C.
  • Leadership development for women with disabilities. Women’s rights: deaf and disabled women in California conference. Los Angeles
  • Health Concerns for Sexual Minority Disabled Women. Centers for Disease Control Conference on Women with Disabilities, San Antonio, Texas
  • Disability Rights meets NeuroQueer. TASH. Washington, D.C.
  • Gender and Disability: Challenges for Disability Studies, University of Illinois at Chicago, November 2001, Chicago
  • Integrating Parenting, Disability and Advocacy. Southern Connecticut Annual Women’s Studies Conference, New Haven, Connecticut
  • The Sexist Inheritance of the Disability Movement, Gender and Disability, Rutgers University
  • Sexual Minority Identity Among Women with Disabilities, Disability, Sexuality and Culture Conference: Societal & Experiential Perspectives on Multiple Identities, San Francisco, California
  • Sexuality issues for women with disabilities. International Forum on Women with Disabilities. Bethesda, MD.
  • Parents with Disabilities: Challenges for I & R, California Child Care Resource and Referral Network Conference, Asilomar, California
  • Parenting with a Disability: Considerations for Pediatricians, Children’s Hospital, Oakland, California