Fading Scars

Fading Scars book

Fading Scars distills 40 years of activism in disability, queer, parenting communities. Funny and engaging, Corbett pulls the curtains back on the humor and pathos of living as a disabled queer in a world that doesn’t welcome either with open arms.

Fading Scars was a Finalist for the Lambda Literary Award.

Fading Scars - 1st Edition cover

First Edition cover of “Fading Scars”


Beloved by students, Fading Scars: My Queer Disability History is often their first introduction to disability histories and communities. University professors include it in curriculums throughout the English-speaking world. Fading Scars was selected as one of 5 Must Read books on women. A huge honor to be on this list.

"This book of essays chronicles one person's life, but also the 40 years that disability rights and disability justice shaped American history. Bursting with ideas, stories, and arguments, Fading Scars is a book in which experience accrues into knowledge and emerges through the written word as wisdom."

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