Rolling Joy

A white van parked in a dirt field with a red, gray, and yellow sky behind

Shortly before the COVID pandemic, I decided to explore the nomad life in my converted school bus “Rolling Joy.”

Videos on Corbett's Van Life

Solo Vanlife as a Wheelchair User | Van Tour: In this video we get to see how Corbett OToole’s van is laid out for her specific priorities and how she moves in and out of her van as a solo nomad using a wheelchair. (Watch Solo Vanlife from TheGalavan)

Disabled Nomadic VanLifer: Can you use a wheelchair and be a van lifer? The predominant theory of being a nomad is, “I’ll do it as long as I’m able-bodied.” But, what if you use a wheelchair or other mobility device and being a nomad is in your soul? Does using a wheelchair disqualify you from van life? In this video, Corbett O’Toole, long-time disability activist, shares her experience as a van lifer. (Watch Disabled Nomadic VanLifer from TheGalavan)

Updates from the Road

Photo of elevator blocked by poles and webbing

Unwelcome at The Shed

From left, Laurel Lawson, Jerron Herman and Alice Sheppard, rehearsing Kinetic Light’s “Wired,” a dance work that can also be experienced through audio description. Credit

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A red and blue sunset behind a bare tree.

Newbie Surprise

These first few months on the bus flew by. I kept intending to write a blog post to keep you all updated but there were

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View of a dry grass field out the window of a bus

Crossing the US

On November 9th I finally got on the road. David drove me from West Coast to East Coast in six days. One of my favorite

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