Rolling Joy

A white van parked in a dirt field with a red, gray, and yellow sky behind

Shortly before the COVID pandemic, I decided to explore the nomad life in my converted school bus “Rolling Joy.”

Videos on Corbett's Van Life

Solo Vanlife as a Wheelchair User | Van Tour: In this video we get to see how Corbett OToole’s van is laid out for her specific priorities and how she moves in and out of her van as a solo nomad using a wheelchair. (From TheGalavan)

Disabled Nomadic VanLifer: Can you use a wheelchair and be a van lifer? The predominant theory of being a nomad is, “I’ll do it as long as I’m able-bodied.” But, what if you use a wheelchair or other mobility device and being a nomad is in your soul? Does using a wheelchair disqualify you from van life? In this video, Corbett O’Toole, long-time disability activist, shares her experience as a van lifer. (From TheGalavan)

Updates from the Road

A red and blue sunset behind a bare tree.

Newbie Surprise

These first few months on the bus flew by. I kept intending to write a blog post to keep you all updated but there were

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View of a dry grass field out the window of a bus

Crossing the US

On November 9th I finally got on the road. David drove me from West Coast to East Coast in six days. One of my favorite

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